Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Great Wedding

The first thing my grandmother and I did when we walked in the door that led to my cousin's wedding was  went straight down a set of stairs that led to the wedding ceremony. After the wedding ceremony we all went to this big wide open room where we started eating. Also after we all ate lunch we ate cake and  took pictures. And then we danced like crazy. After all that we all started leaving. And when me, my grandmother and a whole group left together to go back to our cars we decided to go eat again, but this time we ate at Tribeca Restaurant. My grandmother and I started to go back home but decided we might stop at my aunt and uncle's house where we stayed til midnight...


  1. Great report of the wedding, Luke! We had a great time, didn't we?

  2. Luke,I love this account of Mary's wedding! Good job.