Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Life Of Luke, and the other life:Karate

The Life Of Karate- Ever since I was a little boy I have always tryed to choose between karate and the normal life. But never once do I regret learning karate, because it has helped me through so much of my life, and never will I ever use this gift as a weapon against the people that I love, or anyone else. The only time I would use my gift would be in the front lines of combat: which would be in the classroom itself. The code Of Conduct For Karate- officially states that any person who uses karate against their beloved ones can and will be punished in the code of conduct that which it states. Anyone who disobeys the code of conduct will be banded from the censays dojo.

The Normal Life Of Luke- It all started out as a little boy, and progressed to a more better and smarter boy that was trained in the skill of Martial Arts. See ever since day one, I have and always will be a purebred: and that means you love Karate and will never stop loving it. Also the the only reason why I even started Karate was because, I could help people in time of need for stuff like Bullying, or confusion with what he/she should use this skill for/or if he or she didn't have that skill I could stil help them no matter if they had that skill or not. And I can help them make that decision very quick only because I am skilled in it. People see me as a regular person who they think doesn't know a thing about Karate, well you know what I know a whole lot more than anyone that I think knows Karate, but the reason for that is because, I am holding all of the Karate stuff inside of me. And that is the reason why no one can really see the big picture: I don't show the Karate that I know to many people.

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